So What Caused Our Baby’s Issues?

Written by Scott

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For the background of our story, visit the previous two posts, The Ultrasound… and The Followup Appointment[and for the background of why I overuse ellipses in my writing, well, you’ll have to go way back].

Before we even got to this point, this question had come to mind. And just as fast, the answer in what may be a familiar story.

There could be any number of ‘reasons’ or ’causes’ for the issues we’re possibly facing, many of which that science (or people’s mere speculation) would come up with don’t apply. That is, things like drug use, alcohol abuse, etc. In the end though is this: it doesn’t really matter. Blame doesn’t change it.

But the story that had instantly come to mind for me earlier in the week was the one from John 9.

Jesus, along with his disciples and other followers, and likely stragglers from the religious elite, walking along….and come across a man blind from birth. His disciples, in what seems to us to be a quite uncaring and even detached way, ask Jesus, right there in front of this man, who it was that sinned, him or his parents, that he was born this way.

His answer isn’t what they expected. Probably not what the blind man expected either, considering he’d probably heard similar things his entire life.

“Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.”

This is the purpose. It is what I hope in…that regardless of what happens, that the works of God will be displayed in this.

And in some ways it already has been, in the outpouring of love and care from friends and acquaintances on Facebook and social media in general, and in the prayers offered for our baby and for us.

God is good, and it is in Him we find our strength.

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