The Absolute Best Birth Story Ever…

Written by Scott

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I’ve told the story dozens of times, and I’ll never get tired of it.

Here I was, about to be a first-time dad (so, you know…a while ago), nervous and excited…and our time was, well…delayed by a very long and delayed labor, a pizza delivery, and a transfer from home to the hospital. So kind of a crazier time of what’s normally a crazy time.

And to top it off, I was going to be the one “catching” the baby. I was in awe of the whole process as well.

That time FINALLY comes, and I deliver the baby, and am holding for what seemed like forever…just lost in the moment. So much so that I’m finally asked, since we had chosen it to be a surprise, whether the baby was a boy or a girl….and still lost in the moment, all I could answer was “It’s a Mikaela!

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