The Followup Appointment…

Written by Scott

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Today’s followup was an ultrasound with what appeared to be higher-quality and higher-resolution equipment. The short of it is that the previous ultrasound’s findings were, for the most part, confirmed.

What does that mean? A few things things:

  1. It appears that one foot, possibly both, may be clubbed.
  2. There are some brain issues: part of the ventricular system is larger than normal, the cerebellum appears to be less developed than expected, and the cisterna magna appears to be underdeveloped.
  3. We still do not know gender because the legs were still crossed.

The issues could run the gamut from minor and correctible to losing the baby before or just after birth. We just don’t know yet.

The next step then is genetic testing to tell us whether the issues are anatomical in nature or have some genetic component, and fortunately there’s a non-invasive newer method of doing using the mother’s blood. So in 7-10 days, we’ll know, and those results with then guide us from there. We’ll also know the gender from the test.

Please do keep us in your prayers…it’s going to be a long week and a half.

On a positive note, we’ve come up with a very possible girl name. Without having talked about it until today, we both wanted the meaning of the name to reflect something along the lines of strength, or fighter…I even had the thought of a nod to Daryl from the Waking Dead with his nickname for her, and using the name Judith. (Spoiler: that’s not the name). 

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    Prayers for you and your family Scott