The Obama Administration’s Transgender Directive…

Written by Scott

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transgender bathrooms

First and foremost, for the love of all that’s good, please read the actual letter rather than what the media (on either side) is reporting about it. I’ve uploaded to have available here to make that easier for you.

Secondly, this post isn’t a response to the highly political directive, nor am I soliciting opinions on the matter. What I want to examine is what I termed in a Twitter and FB post earlier as the quintessential example of the political concept of ‘control the language, control the people’, which is a paraphrase of the Saul Alinsky quote of ‘[h]e who controls the language controls the masses’ in his book Rules for Radicals. Yes, that Saul Alinsky…though the concept has been around much longer.

Here’s what I want to focus on…the Terminology section of the document:


Sounds straightforward…almost.

The key part is the implication is in that second definition, with the use of the word “assigned”.  ‘Assigned at birth’…as if it is arbitrarily chosen like, oh, a Social Security number.

The problem is that that’s not the case.  It’s not arbitrary, but rather based on quite specific criteria (genitalia, types of chromosomes–XX vs XY, etc). But the political movements desire to obfuscate–to even more effectively control the language, by first insisting that sex of a person is different than the gender of that person; and second that gender is arbitrarily assigned.

Instead, the deciding factor is an ‘internal sense’, as if that’s non-changing standard that’s not influenced like a toy boat tossed to and fro by the wind.

What else, arbitrarily ‘assigned at birth’ is subject to change because of ‘internal sense’?

Race? There are already folks declaring themselves to be trans-racial.

Species? Check.

How about parents, or place of birth…or date of birth? All those are just as ‘assigned at birth’ as anything else, are they not?

Tell me your thoughts…but as always, keep it civil, and keep it clean…regardless of which side you’re coming from.


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