The Ultrasound…

Written by Scott

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ultrasound pic

So we had our 20-week ultrasound yesterday. We ended up not finding out gender because the baby’s legs were crossed.

JoAnn had thought it seemed an inordinate number of pics and measurements the ultrasound tech did, but it wasn’t until today that those suspicions proved true. I was on my way into Tacoma to a client’s when JoAnn called–the midwife had called her after getting the ultrasound report and wanted to see us either today or tomorrow. We opted for sooner rather than later, so I emailed the client to reschedule (I’m glad I have understanding clients), and headed back home.

There are some concerns based on some of the measurements and what the tech saw. But because this was more of a screening, it could be nothing…or it could be something severe. We are being referred to a perinatologist, and will likely have multiple additional ultrasounds over the remainder of the pregnancy.

At this point, we know of possibilities, but nothing definite.

How am I feeling? Right now, more numb than anything. We don’t have enough info to go off of yet. But we’re not operating out of fear, and we’ve already ruled out one of the possible ‘solutions’ we may be given. We believe, regardless of outcome, that children are a blessing and a gift from God.

Fortunately, our first referral appointment is tomorrow afternoon, and we should know more then.

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