The Test Results…

Written by Scott

Topics: Faith, Family, Social Media

medical test result

We (FINALLY!) got the call from the doctor’s office with the genetic test results today.

And…everything they test for, including the big concerns, all were negative. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

Phenomenal news.

So what we are looking at are physical issues, not chromosomal abnormalities or other genetic issues.

Also: the baby is a girl!

The name is something we’d both thought about when we found out about the possible issues with the baby, but didn’t know we’d been thinking along the same lines until we talked about it. We wanted the name to reflect strength, like a warrior or fighter. And the name we’ve (probably) settled on is Evanna Joy. [pronounced E-VAN-Ah]

To everyone that has reached out, who has prayed, who has encouraged us…thank you! The journey isn’t over, but this sure was some great news today.