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Written by Scott

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Today’s ultrasound verified some of the information from the previous ultrasounds. And while it’s not great news, it’s also incomplete–that is, we’re not sure yet, which leads to the next step.

But here is what appears to be the current condition:
1. Body-wise, Evanna’s measuring right on track…almost exactly. Except for the head, which is measuring about two weeks smaller.

2. The main ventricles of her brain are enlarged. However, they have not grown, so we’re not looking at hydrocephaly.

3. The corpus callosum that interconnects and coordinates communication between the hemispheres couldn’t be seen and may be missing.

4. The cerebellum is either missing or very underdeveloped and misshaped.

5. She may have a hole in her heart–that was still not clear.

6. One or possibly both feet could be clubbed–also unclear, because of the position of her legs. This positioning hasn’t changed, so it could be that she isn’t able to move her legs…which could very well be related to #4 above.

So what does this all mean?

It means our next step, pending insurance approval, is for a special fast fetal MRI up at Children’s Hospital in Seattle, followed by an appointment with a pediatric neurologist. This should then give us a clearer picture of the brain development and anomalies, and from that…well, that’s where things get real. Really real.

From that we then have discussions and decisions about how and where we’ll likely have the baby and courses of treatment, the decisions on resuscitation and even possibly hospice care.

Despite the news, both JoAnn and I are handling it well…because regardless of the outcome, we’ve already been blessed by and through this pregnancy.  And as I wrote in one of the previous posts:

If there is a need for grief, we’ll grieve then. If there is a need for tears, we’ll cry then. If there is a time for sorrow, we’ll be sad then.

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