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Written by Scott

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To start this post, a quick lesson: diagnosis refers to the medical what; the prognosis is the medical opinion of prediction of what that what will look like in the future. In Evanna’s case, that what–that is, the diagnosis, is spina bifida. Her prognosis, then, is what they expect this to look like for her now and in the future months/days/years.

For spina bifida, there are two crucial factors: the type, and the location of the lesion.

The three types are, in order of severity:

types of spina bifida

The third type, which Evanna has, is called myelomeningocele. In that protrusion is part of the spinal cord, nerves, and spinal fluid. The nerves and spinal cord are often damaged, and because of that, it causes moderate to severe disabilities. Those I’ll cover on another post at some point.

The severity of the disabilities is based in large part by the location of the lesion.

spina bifida location

In Evanna’s case, hers is in the sacral area, so her prognosis is excellent: she is expected to be mobile, but may experience some weakness is the legs, and for longer durations, may need braces or even a wheelchair (day at the zoo, for example…or Disneyland…that sort of thing). She’s likely to require a shunt to divert spinal fluid from her brain (thus reducing pressure) as a result of the associated hydrocephalus, may need assistance going to the bathroom (catheter), may have slight learning difficulties, and may have a latex allergy.

But all in all, great prognosis as far as spina bifida goes…and certainly better than what we’d braced ourselves for as a possibility. There will be difficulties, but as her middle name reflects, there will be much joy.



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