Four More Days…

Written by Scott

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After all the waiting the past weeks, the appointment at Seattle Children’s is finally happening. Appointments, actually…the ultrafast fetal MRI, then the ultrasound, then the neurologist…all for the purpose of getting more (and more detailed) information on Evanna’s development.

So that the doctors can then discuss with us the word that was initially really difficult to hear: prognosis.

Not that it’s a bad word, in and of itself…but because it’s a gateway word to even harder discussions. Possible things like: expectancy, resuscitation orders, and even hospice…and even more difficult discussions with the kids about those things, particularly the younger two, in ways they’ll understand.

But those will all have to wait. Until Thursday.

For those that have asked and even those who haven’t: we’re doing ok. Better than ok. For those outside the faith, you might not understand, but we’ve been at peace through it all. Not that our hearts haven’t–and won’t be–heavy at times…and not that there might not be a time for tears and mourning.

But until that time, and even during that time and after, we will continue to love our little girl and love the things God has done already during this pregnancy. We pray for the absolutely best, but we’re also preparing for the worst.

Until Thursday, we don’t know where we can expect to be on that spectrum…


And if you’ve just now come across our story, and don’t know what I’m writing about, or missed some of the details, the post News on the Baby is the story as it unfolds (all the posts linked in one place).


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