Insurance and Latex and Bumbos…Oh My!

Written by Scott

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oh my

Since the people want updates, the people will get updates!

Insurance: we got notice that they disapproved the pre-authorization for the fetal MRI. True to the efficiency of bureaucracy (thanks Obamacare!), they rejected it after the fetal MRI. But it’s no cause of concern, really, for three reasons:

    • The MRI has already taken place. It’s not like they recall the results.
    • Seattle Children’s told us not to worry–they’ll appeal, and even if rejected then, they’ve got financial assistance.
    • Perhaps the biggest reason: it’s not like we have anything they can put a lien on! Ya can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip…

Latex: one of the concerns with spina bifida is the (significantly higher) potential for developing a latex allergy. Doctors aren’t completely sure why, but research has shown that up to 73% of those with spina bifida have a latex sensitivity that with repeated exposure, can get increasingly worse. So currently JoAnn is going through our Amazon registry to ensure items are latex-free, and researching those things in the house that would need to go away.

Bumbos: yes, referring to the cute little chairs for infants. Turns out that little wheelchairs have been created using them to allow for infants too small for actual wheelchairs to be mobile.  Completely adorable. More info (and credit for the pic) at What Do You Do, Dear?

bumbo wheelchair

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