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one day more

Why, yes…that is a line from Les Misérables. We love the soundtrack and the movie (and the sountrack FROM the movie as well). But more to the point, the lyrics fit.

By this time tomorrow we’ll have gone through our three appointments up at Seattle Children’s…and after the meeting with the pediatric neurologist, we’ll know better what we’re facing. [And if by chance you haven’t been following the story, see here…]

As we have with prior appointments, we’ll be sharing with the kids before we post about it. It could be a difficult talk, especially if Evanna’s prognosis isn’t positive…and having to do so in a way that the two younger kids will understand.

Past that, there’s a bevy of other discussions to follow, depending on that prognosis. I’ve mentioned before, but that will help guide in treatment and care plans, birth plans, resuscitation orders, and possibly even hospice…not to mention practical things like transportation and care for the other kids if we end up being up at Children’s for an extended time, making up for lost revenue since I’m self-employed, etc.

So if you’re of the praying persuasion, we appreciate them. For those who have offered help already…or in one case, insisted…we really appreciate you. And for the rest of y’all, there may come a time after tomorrow where we need your help, or your words of encouragement, or your acts of caring, or even…dare I bring this up?…financial help.

Regardless of how tomorrow goes, we’re hopeful. Not in some esoteric, overly-spiritualized, positive-mental-attitude way, but in a real way, grounded in faith. It does not hinge on the prognosis, but in the One who has already blessed us immensely with this little girl. (One example is what JoAnn had written about this pregnancy a while back). There may be pain, there may be sorrow, there may be tears, but even in that, Yeshua is good.

Stay tuned…the big update is tomorrow night.


(Yes, also from Les Misérables. And also fitting.)

One more day!

One more dawn!

One day more!

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