Some GOOD News…

Written by Scott

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evanna face 3d

We got some good news about our baby girl at today’s OB appointment. And some very cool pics.

The good news is the Evanna (FINALLY…it’s like she’s already stubborn or something, a trait clearly from the maternal side) turned and is no longer breech. This means we might have the possibility of delivering naturally rather than C-section, which will speed up JoAnn’s recovery greatly. And with Evanna’s transfer to Seattle Children’s, this could mean she joins us over there sooner. We’ll just have to convince them–with proof (hey, it’s what we do…doctors may be well-trained, but they aren’t omniscient) that vaginal delivery with SB babies where the lesion is low and small (that is, like Evanna’s) is not detrimental.

Despite her having flipped, she’s still got her right foot tucked up underneath, so there’s still not any verification that her right foot is clubbed or not. But left is, but as before, that’s very treatable:

evanna left foot




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