Fundamental Changes and Big Adjustments…

Written by Scott

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change ahead

Just in case things didn’t feel like they were really getting really real: we’re at 31 weeks today, so with the scheduled induction/c-section early, that means we’re in SINGLE DIGITS in weeks until Evanna is here!

{As for the scheduled induction/c-section, three quick points:

  1. We won’t know date/time until Aug 15th when we have the initial consult with UW Hospital.
  2. We won’t know their determining factors for vaginal vs c-section until then (or possibly the 17th when we’re touring Seattle Children’s) either; additionally, there are some factors that can change between now and then–for example, if Evanna flips back around to breech.
  3. It’s scheduled for a few reasons, a couple among them being our distance from the hospital and the necessity for coordinating the various teams between the two hospitals.

} <—hey look, I’m almost a programmer now. sorry, a little IT humor. carry on.

Over the weekend, we discovered a blog of another family whose daughter was diagnosed and born with spina bifida. She’s now 8. Check it out here: The Lively Family. And this picture of Jaedyn makes me smile:

jaedyn crutches

It’s a huge blessing to not only find another family with a little girl with spina bifida, but one that’s so similar: Christian, large family, homeschool…despite them being (significantly) younger.  I’d reached out to them and got a really nice response, but one thing in particular stuck out:

God Bless you and your family, on this adventure that will change your perspective on life as you know it!

I loved that…yes, life is going to change. That always happens anyway. But with Evanna, the change is also in our perspective on life itself.

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