Monday’s Little Scare…

Written by Scott

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Subtitled, as promised: Because This Pregnancy Hasn’t Been Eventful Enough…

Monday morning, while I’m working at client’s office in Tacoma, I get a message from JoAnn. She was experiencing some symptoms (I’ll spare you the details) that were cause for concern. Possible pre-term labor.

So she called the MFM, and they wanted her to go into the L&D section of St Joseph’s Hospital in Tacoma to get checked out.

She kept me up to speed during travels and once she got there, while I tried finishing up as quickly as I could, and contacting next client to let them know there might be a delay. They graciously told me to take care of her first.

As it turned out, after a couple hours of monitoring, it wasn’t pre-term labor, and we were in the clear. But it sure was a tense morning.

Next up: consult at Swedish Hospital in Seattle Friday afternoon (and the fun of that drive home!). If we end of choosing them over UW Hospital (and we’ll detail some of the other reasons at a later time) it will mean not having to transfer at all, since both the birth and the initial surgeries would be done there.


We’re incredibly grateful for those that have donated to the fundraiser. It has already relieved some of the weight from my shoulders. But if you could spare even $10 or $20, it would enable me to stay longer and visit more often with JoAnn and Evanna once that time comes.

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