A Busy, Busy Day…

To Do List

Wednesday this week will be a very busy, busy day…and will give us insight on what Evanna’s clinic days may be like in the future when she goes up to Seattle Children’s.

The schedule will be something like this:

10:30am – Leave house; drive to Seattle
12:15pm – check in for ultrasound
1:30pm – walk to another building and consult with neurosurgeon
3:00pm – walk back to first building for nonstress test
3:30pm – meet with MFM for transfer of care appointment
4:00pm – meet with social work for “care conference”
5:00pm (ish) – leave Seattle (at about the worst possibly time)
7:30pm – arrive home, give or take

But, despite the busy-ness, we expect it to be a good day in that:

  1. We get the care officially transferred to Swedish
  2. We get the (new) official birth date…may or may not change with the transfer
  3. We get to meet with the neurosurgeon (who usually is the final word on vaginal vs c-section)
  4. We get a better idea of, with Evanna’s position that day, the roadmap for her birth (for example, if there’s an ultrasound on the scheduled day, and she’s vertex then, can we do vaginal…)
  5. We both like our new MFM doc at Swedish, how we were treated (and that’s not even taking into account the contrast to how we were treated at UW), and Swedish as a whole.
  6. It’s a step closer to her getting here!