Clock is Running Down…

Written by Scott

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time running down

Today was our final pre-Evanna hospital day of appointments. And while they’ve been pleasant visits, I can’t say that I’ll miss them.

But it was one step closer to having her with us, so in that way, they’ve been worth it.

She passed the non-stress test and the biophysical profile without issue, so there are no signs of distress or concern.

Which means–barring her or JoAnn’s body going rogue–that we’re on schedule for Tuesday, making it six days and a wake-up away.

So close, especially considering in some ways it’s felt like this pregnancy has been going on for three years or so.

We’re glad to have you–yes, you–along for the journey. The support, encouragement, and assistance have made it so much more bearable, and allowed us to focus the time and attention that we needed in order to get to this point. We’ve been surrounded by love in ways we’ve never experienced before as a family. And we are incredibly grateful.

Next week is an end of sorts, but the beginning of so much more too. Thank you for walking this road with us.


The hardest part of the journey has been asking for help. Sure, part of it is the whole American individualism thing, but part of it is also that as a family, we’ve set ourselves up for being even more independent: we homeschool, we’re a one-income family, and I’m self-employed. But I’d never really stopped to realize how much of a blessing it has been for others to be able to help, monetarily or otherwise…and that’s been made abundantly clear.

I’ve post the fundraiser below if you are willing and able to help in any way…it’ll help give some breathing room and stress relief to allow me to spend more time with Evanna in NICU and after (expected initial stay is two weeks). But you can read more about it there as well.