The Current Question…

Written by Scott

Topics: Faith, Family


The current question, and I believe it’s a sincere one, is: How are you (or you guys) doing?

The answer, also a sincere one, is that we are doing ok overall. Really.

Main thing now is working on the logistics of everything: when the kids are coming up, when they get to see JoAnn beforehand, when they get to see Evanna, who is going to be visiting JoAnn once she’s out of recovery (and when), and then the transportation with the kids once they are back home. Oh, and work stuff for me.


That’s where there’s some stress. The past few weeks, and until the birth, our weekly hospital day of appointments essentially make my work week four days long. I’m working later. And earlier.

To top it off, the US Postal Service, after about 6 weeks of no issues with delivery to the new business PO Box, decided to sporadically return properly-addressed mail to multiple clients over the past three weeks…so cash flow has been disrupted at about the worst possible time.

So…I’m weary. But I know it’s temporary, and will just keep pressing ahead for the next 12 days.


If you’d like to help, the fundraiser is still up and going…