What We Do and Don’t Know…

Written by Scott

Topics: Faith, Family


This just showed up in my Facebook timeline.
With having only 9 days to go (assuming Evanna sticks to our timeline…), the reality is really starting to hit in a major way.
And this could be part of that reality…one of the many medical things that we cannot know until after she is born.
We won’t know whether she has some level of paralysis or not…
We won’t know whether she will have the ability to wet and/or soil her diaper on her own…
We won’t know if her hydrocephalus will require a shunt or not…
But we’ll know soon.
What we do know, and have known since we first found out she was on her way, and that has never wavered through tests, ultrasounds, the MRI, and diagnoses is this: she is our little girl, the one God has blessed us with, and we are the parents that she was entrusted to…and she is incredibly loved. 
And none of that other stuff changes that.

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