Four Weeks Down…

Written by Scott

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first surgeries

four weeks

The difference four weeks can make. After three surgeries, numerous IVs, a PICC line, two intubations, two hospitals, and a whole lot of care, Evanna is (realistically and medically) moving toward getting home.

As of this morning, the remaining issue is which route to take for her feeding: ng tube, like shown in the bottom picture, or a g-tube. Both have their pros and cons, and both will be intended for (hopefully) short-term use, since we’ll still be working on oral feed training after we do get home.

While we’re closer to getting home, we’re certainly not there yet.

With the extended time, and more driving as we’re working on our plan for splitting time between Children’s and home, and more meals away…expenses are definitely higher. And…income is way down, with quarterly taxes due in a few days. (Yay.) We’ve made it through the month with the help of some very generous and caring people, and bills are paid.

But with us not being home yet, there is still need.

How can you help? A few ways:

  1. The fundraiser has been our primary means of help. (Link will open in new tab)
  2. PayPal (since I know some prefer).
  3. Square Cash
  4. Old-fashioned? Can send via postal service: PO Box 8394 Lacey, WA 98509
  5. We can arrange a dead drop. (Ok, just kidding on that one. Mostly.)
  6. Non-monetary: share. Share this post. Share the fundraiser. Share Evanna’s story via her FB page. Share everywhere you are on social media…because, if nothing else, social media needs more cuteness. Like this:

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