Call the Midwife: Unexpectedly Amazing…

Written by Scott

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call the midwife

Wife had heard some good comments about the show Call the Midwife, so we started watching. We were hooked instantly.

First, there’s the topic itself: midwifery. We’ve always been that family that uses midwives and planned for home births or non-hospital births (though all but one kiddo had other plans). But the show is very realistic in the depiction of births, which was wonderful to see. (As a guy, I didn’t mind in the least, since I was involved in all the births, and was the one who ‘caught’ all of the kids prior to Evanna’s c-section).

There’s also the historical aspect of the show, which is set in the late 1950s in London’s East End, which is stunning in its depiction of the poverty in that part of London then. That poverty also provides many very moving and emotional elements in the show, and also touches on very real, often unsettling social issues of that time…but all the while, addresses many of the issues of today.

The show is well worth your time.