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Written by Scott

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For many years, I’ve had other families ask about how they could protect their home networks and filter their internet traffic like we’ve done. There are varied options such as using pia vpn (or other similar others), but the answer was never what we’d hope for. The problem is the method we’d used wasn’t simple, wasn’t easy to set up, configure, or even use for the average home user. Oh, and it required a separate, dedicated computer with two network cards, and wireless had to be within the network, not at the router or modem. Quick diagram would look like this:

old network

In other words, I could not easily recommend it, despite its effectiveness.

I was motivated to find a better solution that I could recommend. Plus, the equipment was getting up there in age and took up far too much space.

And find it I did. All the open source-based, enterprise-grade protection of the previous setup in a single device that could be controlled by my phone, onsite or offsite.

roqos core

Brief List of Features (extensive list here):
Parental Controls: Schedule internet usage; enforce Google and Youtube SafeSearch; Activity history and reporting
Cybersecurity Protection: block ransomware, malware, and viruses before they reach your devices; block ads; notification of issues on app and/or by email, block by country.
Easy Networking: set up easily in minutes; discover and protect ALL devices on your network (streaming devices, IP cameras, etc); Guest wifi with ability to generate a time-limited password for it (and never have to give YOUR network’s password again!)

A screenshot of the filtering controls of the app from my phone:

parental controls

Features are constantly being developed and refined, and the app also gives you the ability to make suggestions (which actually are tracked by Roqos like support tickets, and each is replied to)…I’ve already made 2 suggestions for changes based on my previous use of Untangle. Also: some of the hardware, like the USB and the HDMI port, aren’t currently in use, but features for them coming in near future.

But how is performance? In short, phenomenal…this is a speed test from my laptop a floor above the device, on the wireless, with the cybersecurity deep packet inspection turned on:

speed test

While there’s some adjustment for me after years of using Untangle, I was so impressed with the device that I became a reseller.

So check them out…and purchase from this link: Roqos!

..and comment below with any questions.

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