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Written by Scott

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Sometimes unexpected collaborations and reviews are the best.

It’s not so much that I’ve been slacking on the site to explain the fact that I haven’t done any reviews since early last year…it’s just that we’ve had quite the year. For those that haven’t been following our journey, check out our daughter’s site.

Anyway, back to the post at hand: out of the blue, I get an email from Tommy John asking about collaborations, and jumped at the opportunity after discussing details.

A little about Tommy John: they originally started making men’s underwear with the idea and tagline of “No Adjustment Needed.™” But they have since expanded to many other items, and I wanted to check out some of those other items. So I chose a Second Skin Moroccan Tee (mainly because of the unique look, and in black, of course) and a suggested pair of Go Anywhere Socks (also in black).

I also did something unusual. I wore them without having first run them through the wash. Neither of them gave any hints of discomfort from chemicals or detergents used on the fabrics, nor did they have that smell that so many new clothing items have.

But how did they fit?
Let’s start with the Tee. To be honest, my expectations were low….it’s a T-shirt. But I’ve worn it all day, and I’m impressed. It fits great–not too loose, not too tight, and it is very soft and comfortable. And the Moroccan cut? It’s a neat twist to an age-old shirt.

The Go Anywhere Socks are interesting–previously named Performance Dress Sock–they are designed to be able to go from work to the gym and everything in between. After wearing them today, I’m inclined to believe it. They fit fantastically and don’t fall down, yet aren’t overly tight on the calf like other socks I’ve had. The feel is really interesting: soft and plush without a bunch of bulk…actually feels similar to a pair of wool hiking socks I have, and feel just as comfortable after a day of wearing as when I’d just put them on. I really dig them.

Go check Tommy John out–you’ll be glad you did!



FTC disclaimer, in case the above wasn’t clear enough: I received the items for review. Said items did not sway nor were they expected to sway my review.

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