Life Center: It’s Time to be Honest

Written by Scott

Topics: Faith

As parents, we always want to believe the best about our children, yet that often can lead us to distort the reality of their actions, much like the parents who provide an innocent-looking picture of their children from several years prior rather than the Facebook picture the child took last week with drugs, or with a handgun.

But in the face of Pastor Dean Curry’s dismissal and the allegations that led to it, it’s time to face reality.

Here’s what I mean by that: I’m connected to many people who have attended or currently attend Life Center because of my past, explained below. Far too many of the responses I’ve seen in regard to the dismissal are in the vein of: “I just cannot believe that he could have done anything wrong.”

I’m not writing on Dean’s guilt or innocence, because I wasn’t a witness to any of the allegations. But I can say this: if any of my friends, or anyone at all, truly believes that the allegations couldn’t possibly be true, then I’m concerned about the veracity of the version of the Bible you are being taught. Because from cover to cover, Scripture is filled with examples of failures of all kinds, especially moral ones.

It’s time to be honest. Not just about the possibility of the allegations, but of long-standing issues at Life Center that likely contributed to the situation.

Some of these issues I witnessed while I was at Life Center. I volunteered heavily from 1992-1997 in various ministries. I was even on the payroll for parts of that, doing audio work for events, weddings, etc. I did my internship there while going to school at Northwest University…and did that internship under Dean Curry. I got married there. I have some personal insight, and I’ve witnessed events over the years since leaving.

Posts in the next few days and weeks will discuss the insight while there, why I left, and the long-standing issues I see.