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Do Words Really Matter?

Monday, September 13, 2010


Back from a short hiatus, now that the vast majority of the work on this big migration is done and things are settling back down… There is a fairly new Christian song getting some good air time lately from a band called Luminate, titled Come Home. Below are the lyrics: You’re best friends with the word “regret”And […]

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Living By Quotes

Monday, February 1, 2010


Recently had a bit of a conversation on Facebook with someone who shall remain fairly anonymous–but let’s say this: the person was someone of relative influence at a large Christian school in the area. The conversation started because of a quote he posted: The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It.” Peter […]

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Healthcare: Where is the Church?!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


With the healthcare debate going on and votes on the compromise bill coming soon, I’ve been wondering where is the Church? Are we so concerned about possible abortion funding that we are missing the (much) bigger picture? I’m not saying that shouldn’t be a concern–it should–but consider this: what if congregations–even denominations–joined together to purchase […]

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As Goes California, So Goes the Nation

Monday, June 8, 2009

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The undeniable bias in public schools–especially in California–is appalling. Check out this video on things going on NOW on silencing Christians and promoting Islam in public school. [youtube=]

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The Other Prodigal Son

Sunday, June 15, 2008

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Most of us have heard the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32. But what seems to be passed over is that the story isn’t just about the son that left, wandered, squandered, pondered, and returned to the open arms of his forgiving father…take a look at verses that conclude the story (Luke 15:25-32): […]

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

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This is the story of Brian “Head” Welch…former lead guitarist of Korn. A few years back he left the band and all of its success, and did it for his daughter and for Christ. His story is one of amazing transformation. [youtube=]

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Reminder on this Easter Weekend

Saturday, March 22, 2008

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God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage.

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