You Reap What You Sow…

reap what you sow


Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.
Galatians 6:7

Confession: when I’m wronged, I have a great desire to make it known and to right the wrong.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that.

But back a bit…in 2005, to be exact…as just one example…there was a time some things were being said about me both personally and professionally that were completely off-base. And I fought it…and fought it…and fought it some more. I documented, and I planned. And ended up leaving a particular company that I’d been at 6.5 years because of, or at least in great part due to (which in the IT industry is virtually forever).

In the end, though, that verse was a great reminder that in times like that, sometimes the best thing is to realize that what is sown will be reaped–on both sides. Not saying we shouldn’t stand up for ourselves, but sometimes the best revenge is letting the words and actions of those wronging you to catch up to them. And they will.  As will you. Go on with your life, doing what you are supposed to be doing.

In this particular case, my departure from the company was like the opening of a floodgate: within a month, another manager left; within three more, another…and the next year the trend continued.  And two years later, this long-time stable business of almost 20 years closed its doors because of the words and actions of the owner (new owner–founder sold the business a year before I left).  THAT was my professional vindication.

Best part was this: years later I’ve run into former clients that have told me their impression of the things that happened and things that were said. THAT was my personal vindication.

What examples do you have?

  Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Galatians 6:7 Confession: when I’m wronged, I have a great desire to make it known and to right the wrong. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that. But back a bit…in 2005, to be exact…as just one example…there was…


  1. Sit back and let me tell you a tale of greed, power lust and small town politics.__In 2008 I went to work for the Moscow Chamber of Commerce. Going in to my final employment interview I knew they had challenges. I would be their third executive director in one year. They had just run an event, the Moscow Motorcycle Classic, that had been a spectacular failure. So I asked about these things. I was told they why they were on their third director, and that they had only lost $10k on the event. I decided to accept their offer

  2. .__That is when my life got VERY interesting. The Chamber director is a very public position in a small town. My hiring made the newspaper, and I was frequently interviewed about local happenings.__In the first month of my employment I found out that we actually did not know how much we had lost on the Motorcycle Event. Seems the board was so dysfunctional they had no one at the financial controls, and lots of people were oka ing purchases with no approval system. Their was no written budget. In the end, we ended up OWING about $40k for the event. A huge chunk for a business that had maxed out its line of credit, and only had a $250k budget. Ihad to take out a second mortgage on our office to regain cash flow.__

  3. But I was game. I jumped in feet first, and worked to make necessary changes so we could close the gap on our budget, and strengthen our board policies. I also started several programs in an effort to improve peoples opinion of the Chamber. Within about 8 months things were turning around. Budget cuts and extra fundraising had closed the gap to only $10-$15k. My new programs were getting positive press.__

  4. It was turbulent and troublesome, we made it each month by the skin of our teeth. But we were gaining traction. Then the board decided to start meddling where I didn't think they belonged. Personnel issues. This was my bailiwick, and I didn't like it. But I didn't feel I was in a strong enough position to stop them. A vocal and conservative minority began designing policies intended to target one of my staff, trying to get her to quit. They did not like that she had kids out of wedlock. I fought them on it. Hard. It all came to a head when four of us, myself, the president, VP and secretary got together after hours to iron out a workable leave policy. Long story short: two of us walked out thinking current staff would be grandfathered in to the current leave policy. The other two did not. I acted on what I believed the agreement was. The other two blew a gasket. Fingerpointing and accusations of lying were pointed at me and the president. The VP and Secretary painted a target on my back and shot at me as much as possible.__

  5. Many other small things happened in my remaining months. Then, one day I was one hour late for a town hour meeting. That resulted in a call from the VP (incoming president) telling me I was derelict in my duties. Derelict because I was one hour late! I decided I'd had enough. It would be him or me. I would not work for him. Small town politics being what they are, I decided to resign rather than go to the board and ask them to remove him. I felt all my hard work would be undone by the tooth and nail fight that would result. And, it didn't seem right to ask the other board members to take an action that could put their business relationships with the VP in jeopardy.__I left having no chance to tell my side to the board. But, sometimes small towns have their advantages. My departure was a major embarassment to the Chamber. Four directors in one year! It made local newspaper and radio. And thus ends the saga of my time as an Executive Director…

    1. So with the drama and making the news, etc…did you have the chance to tell your side, or did you decide to just let them reap what they'd sown?

        1. And they did reap what they had sown-their behaviors backfired on them in their private lives. One ended up divorced, and the other fired for similar behaviors as what led to my resignation.

          1. That's a great comment, and often what happens. It's not just what you sow privately stays private…a person's character is tested and revealed in all areas.

          2. That's right, Scott. A persons true nature always comes out in all aspects of their life. A jerk at work is a jerk at home, and vice versa.